About the work is a retrospective activity to help detect the improvements and clarify the factors driving or blocking work processes.

Running the activity:

    1. Split the canvas in five areas:
      • Work items – the things being worked on
      • Workers – the people performing the work
      • Workflow – the way the workers get the work done
      • Workaround – the temporary fixes or solutions to accomplish a work that requires further attention
      • Workplace – the environment, the location, the place where workers work
    2. Ask participants to individually write notes on sticky notes for each of the areas.
    3. Discuss with the group about the notes.

This is a great retrospective activity for data gathering about work improvements. It is an alternative to keep the team engaged while providing a format with direct focus on the work.


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.

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