Candy Love is a great team-building activity that gets participants talking about their life beyond the work activities.

Running the activity:

  1. Place a package of M&M’s, Skittles or another colorful candy in a jar.
  2. Ask a participant to pick up a candy from the jar, and then share something personal according to the candy color:
    * Red: One thing that you love about your job. This candy will inspire people to see the positive side about their work.
    * Yellow: A life goal you are working on. This gives everyone positive vibes and inspiration.
    * Green: Your favorite book or movie. Everyone has hobbies and past-time recreations so it is definitely a great candy to divert their attention to the things they love to do.
    * Purple: Favorite way to revive yourself during the workday. This kind of de-stresses their minds thinking about spa, movie, bonding with the family, etc.
    * Blue: One stressful thing about your job you wish you could improve. This one is actually motivating, since it will convert every negative thing about their job into something positive.
    * Orange: Your favorite food. Everyone loves food. It is a topic that really picks up everyone’s interest.
  3. Pass the jar to the next participant and go back to step 2.
  4. Stop when the candies or the time is over.

This activity is especially useful for the early stages of a team formation, as it helps people open up and talk about hobbies, food, and other very important aspects of their life.