Collaborative Face Drawing is a fun interactive activity that helps with name memorization.

Running the activity:

  1. Give each participant one index card and a pen.
  2. Instruct participants to write their name on the bottom of the paper.
  3. Ask everyone to walk randomly through the room until you say the word “stop.”
  4. Each person should pair up with someone nearby.
  5. Instruct the pair to exchange papers.
  6. Everyone should draw the other person’s eyes.
  7. Instruct the pairs to exchange papers again (now each person should have the paper with their name again).
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for all face parts (eyes, nose, ears, chin, hair, facial hair, and accessories).


In the image are two moments from this activity. The first one shows step 3 in which everyone is walking randomly waiting for the stop command. The second image shows the final result: a collaborative face drawing.

This activity works well with different team sizes, it fosters quick one on one interactions between multiple people and the final artifacts are a fun memory from the meeting. You can display the drawings at the team area, for instance, or snap a photo for the future.