The team vision statement provides an overall statement summarizing, at the highest level, the unique position the team intends to fill in the organization.

Running the activity:
1. Write the team vision statement template on the whiteboard (or a common canvas)

For (target organization)
Who (statement of the need or opportunity)
The (team name, identify) is a (team classification, category)
That (team singularity, compelling reason for the team existence)
Unlike (current alternative without the team)
Our team (statement of primary differentiation)

2. Divide the participants into smaller groups (two or three people recommended)
3. Distribute the blankets for the team vision template amongst the smaller groups

team vision statement template

The photo above shows this activity being executed for four smaller groups. Each group was identified by a number (from 1 to 4). Group numbers were marked on the template blankets.

4. Ask the smaller groups to fill the blankets on post-it and place on the whiteboard (or canvas)

groups working on defining the team vision

5. Collect the result for all groups. This should form a single sentence (this sentence will be very disjoint and cumbersome).
6. Rewrite the whole sentence.

While running this activity, the team vision statement template provides a short motivating set of words, summarizing and encapsulating the principle elements of the team’s vision and identity. After being created, the team vision statement communicates the intent and the importance of the team to the overall organization and concerned people.

Below is a sample statement created from this activity:

FOR the ABC Brazil people
WHO want to have an exciting account to work on where they can learn, influence and find life balance
THE Core Team
IS A group of people committed to the account
THAT strategically influences ABC business, helps keep domain knowledge, builds relationships and improves the account.
UNLIKE a group that would only follow directions to get work done
OUR TEAM proactively addresses upcoming difficulties and works together to empower the account.

The team vision statement was inspired on the Product Vision activity.