Empathy Snap on Big Hitter Moments is a great activity that gets participants guessing each other’s big hitter moments.

Running the activity:

  1. Give each team member two index cards of different colors and a marker pen.
  2. On the first card, hidden from the others, they should write their “big hitter” moment (a special moment in which they were involved).
  3. On the second card they should write their name at the top and place it on the table.
  4. Once all team members have handed in their name card, each team member takes a name card from the pile, ensuring they do not have their own.
  5. On this card, they will write what they think is the big hitter for the person whose name is on the card, and keep the card. Essentially, they should try to guess what that person has written on their hidden card.
  6. Once all the name cards have been completed with a big hitter, a team member reads out the name of the team member written on the card and their guess at the big hitter for that person.
  7. The named person then reads out what their big hitter actually was.
  8. If there is a match, then SNAP!
  9. The exercise continues until all team members have read out their guesses and have responded with their actual big hitter.

This activity helps make people feel great. They have to think about something great they did and get to hear compliments by others. It is great for elevating team morale.

This activity was originally described by Matthew Skelton. We changed it slightly, keeping the big hitter for cool things only, and also changed the activity period for whichever is identified by the group.


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Ask participants to take their notes with pen and paper. Decide and follow a sequence of participants. Then the group should guess each person’s moment. Consider having a SNAP sound prepared to play when there is a match.