The Feedback and ROI is a great activity for closing a retrospective, a session, a long meeting, or an event. It is a quick and easy activity to get feedback.


Running the activity:

  1. Draw a vertical line with a happy face on the top and a sad face on the bottom.
  2. Ask the participants to place a post it next to the line, according to how happy they felt about the Return On Investment (for their time)
  3. Ask the participants to write any feedback on the post-it

For the time you have spent here in this retrospective/session/meeting/event, how do you measure the return on your investment (of your time)? I am supper happy; this was really worthy my time: goes on top; the opposite goes on the bottom. Any written feedback on the note itself is very welcome.

Below are some sample photos from this activity.

I find this activity especially useful to collect feedback in a very short time spam. It is a quick and easy way to get anonymous feedback (as long as the requester do not stay next to the canvas while people are placing their post-its).