FLAP activity a great project/phase postmortem activity. You should run it as close to the end of a project/phase as possible–don’t wait or everyone will forget what happened.

Running the activity:

1. Prepare and explain the FLAP canvas quadrands

  • Future Considerations: Please write down all future considerations with respect to the project/phase.
  • Lessons Learned: Please write down the key lessons and takeaways from the project/phase.
  • Accomplishments: Please write down the key accomplishments for the project/phase.
  • Problem Areas: Please write down the problem areas experienced throughout the specified project/phase.

2.Ask the participants for their notes.
Consider color coding the notes. For example, you can use 4 different colors for each of the areas:

  • Process and practices
  • Technology and tools
  • Scope and schedule
  • People and staffing

3.Group conversation and sharing the results

Below is a sample canvas after running this activity.

sample FLAP activity canvas
Remote team’ advice: Click on the bottom below, share the URL with the retrospectives participants  and use your favorite remote communication tool.