Since 2013, Paulo Caroli, Tainã Caetano (TC) and many supporters talk and share about FunRetrospectives.

They built this community and gathered the content through the website, the FunRetrospectives e-book, talks and training.

How did the fun part come about in retrospectives?

The name was suggested by Pat Kua — Caroli’s friend who is also an author of another great retrospective book — in 2013. On a business trip to Thoughtworks Brasil, Pat and Caroli met. Coincidentally, Caroli and TC (enthusiast for retrospectives who worked on the same team as Caroli) were migrating’s blog posts about retrospective activities to a new website dedicated especially to them.

So, Caroli asked Pat: “I need a name for the website and the e-book that I am going to create. What do you suggest?” Pat replied, “Caroli, you make retrospectives lighter, you have a different style. Your activities are more… fun! ”

And it was from this conversation that the name FunRetrospectives came up.

What about the nickname “FunRetro”?

Retro is short for retrospective. It was already common for people to say “let’s do a retro”, instead of saying “let’s do a retrospective”. As many people were using the FunRetrospectives activities, they started to say: “Let’s do a FunRetro!”.

Remote Retrospectives

Whether face-to-face or remote, retrospective meetings need to be light and effective. So, keep it fun!

The website has many ideas and activities for you to vary your retrospectives and keep people engaged.

Although, is not always possible for the entire team to be present at the same location. For these cases, the site also offers, an online board to perform remote retrospectives.