The Known Issues activity is a focused retrospective activity for issues that are already known. It is very useful for situations where the team (1) either knows their issues and want to talk about the solutions, or (2) keep on running out of time to talk about repetitive issues that are not the top voted ones.


Running the activity:

1.       Split the participates on groups of two or three people

2.       Ask each group to write down the known issues

3.       Group the known issues and read to the whole group

4.       Ask everyone to think about solutions to the known issues, write on post it (another color than the known issues) and place it next to the known issue

5.       Group conversation and action item creation


The photo illustrates this activity in action. On it, you can find the know issues categorized and grouped (on blue and green index cards) as described on step 3. Then the proposed solutions (on yellow post-its)  as described on step 4,.



know issues activity


This activity was created by David Worthington. On his original post he recommends running this activity, followed by the who-what-when check out activity. I agree with David and find this activity very effective for project rescue situations, where the issues list is well known.