The One word before leaving is a check out activity used to verify the feelings before closing the retrospective. Typically it is a great moment for people sharing their feelings, especially when they have had great enthusiasm from the retrospective.


Running the activity

  1. Give each participant a pen and a post-it
  2. Ask them to describe their feeling (before they leave the room) in one word
  3. Group the notes on an open canvas
  4. Ask if someone wants to share more about their selected word

Please share with us –in one word—how you are feeling now, at the end of this retrospective.

I have learned this activity from Mayra Souza. She described how useful it was, especially when doing it as a follow up from the One Word Checkin activity. This activity is very motivational, inspiring people to speak out loud how they feel at the end of the retrospective. Typically, it gets highly motivated people to infect the other participants right before closing the meeting.


Remote team’ advice: Click on the bottom below, share the URL with the retrospectives participants  and use your favorite remote communication tool.