The One Word is a simple check in activity that allows the participants to share their feelings before getting into the data and details for the meeting itself. It is a good opening for a meeting as it acknowledge people feelings and get them speaking from the very beginning.

Running the activity

  1. Give each participant a pen and a post-it
  2. Ask them to describe their feeling (for the meeting context) in one word
  3. Group the notes on an open canvas
  4. Optionally, ask if someone wants to share more about their selected word

 Please describe the <past Sprint / last month / you feelings about XYZ> in one word


This activity is described as the Checkin activity by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen in the remarkable Agile Retrospectives book. 


Remote team’ advice: Click on the bottom below, share the URL with the retrospectives participants  and use your favorite remote communication tool.