Path to Nirvana is a great activity that focuses on creating a common goal alignment and visualizing smaller steps toward a big achievement.


Running the activity:

This activity is divided into two parts.

Part one – defining nirvana

  1. Write the word “nirvana” on the top right corner of the canvas.
  2. Break the team into smaller groups of three or four people each.
  3. Ask each group to write a short sentence to describe the nirvana.
  4. Each group presents its short sentence describing the nirvana.
  5. Create one common sentence to define nirvana.


Part two – path to nirvana

  1. Write the word “nirvana” on the top right corner of the canvas, with its definition.
  2. Draw a timeline on the canvas, having the word “today” on the leftmost side.
  3. Write down major events or time periods on the timeline (e.g., Christmas holidays, Summer school vacation, July, month one, month six…).
  4. Ask participants to add notes for smaller steps on the path to nirvana.
  5. Group conversation about the steps.

It is very interesting to see how this simple question gets participants very engaged and then aligned: what is our nirvana? Once the team is in agreement about that, it’s much easier to clarify the steps towards it.


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.

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