The peer introduction game is a team-building activity for new team members to learn more about each other. A quick conversation followed by a peer introduction provides a quick mechanism to introduce each and every person on the large group.

Running the activity

  1. Split the large group into pairs. Ask people to pair up with someone they are not familiar with.
  2. Ask the pairs to have a quick conversation about each other, and inform them that later they will introduce their pair. You can leave the conversation open, or choose a few questions to be answered (such as: name, birth place, current role, favorite food, favorite travel location).
  3. Go around the large group, and let everyone introduce their pair.



introducing the peers


Paulo says: Please meet Amit. He was born in Canada, but his family is from India. He enjoys Brazilian samba and his favorite food is hot-dog, especially when watching live baseball. He currently works as …


I have seen this activity being used on several different places and occasions. Last time I have seen it being used was by my friend and work colleague Jackie Kinsey. It was an effective team-building activity for starting a one week intensive leadership training at Thoughtworks.