Plus Minus Voting is a great activity for time management and prioritization. It is typically used for focusing the conversation on fewer items of the group’s highest interest.

Running the activity:

  1. Instruct the participant on the voting rules:
    * Each participant is entitled to three +s and three -s votes (each vote will be represented by a + or – mark on the sticky note).
    * Participants can place more than one vote on a card.
    * (+) represents your agreement with a note and that you want to talk about it.
    * (–) represents your disagreement with a note and that you wantto talk about it
    “Please, vote on the items that you want to discuss. The items with the most votes will be picked up first.”
  2. Go vote!
  3. Engage on a group conversation following the group’s interest rank (notes with most marks first).

This is a variation of the Dot Voting activity which allows participants to be clearer about agreements and disagreements. You can also change it up so that participants put a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.”

Remote-team advice: If the remote board of your choice supports voting, use that feature. If it does not, you can ask participants to add “+”and “-” to the sticky notes.