The RAID activity helps a team have a conversation about risks and issues, and assumptions and dependencies. These are very important aspects, especially when looking ahead and preparing for the future.


Running the activity

  1. Prepare the RAID canvas with the following four areas: Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies
  2. Ask the participants to write down their notes on individual post-it for each of the four areas.
  3. Conversation and action items about the notes

A common question is about the difference between risk and issue. In simple and few words: a risk is something that might become a problem. Issue is already a problem.

Another common situation is the feeling that a note might belong to more than one quadrant. In such cases, instruct the participants to write more than one note; each note specifically to the quadrant. For example: (dependency) integration with system ABC for the Single Sign On feature, and (risk) Single Sign On integration effort being much bigger than originally accounted for.


the RAID canvas with four areas


RAID activity sample result


I have read about the RAID activity as a PMO tool for Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies Management. I have adapted it to the Agile retrospective world, as a simple tool (notes on post-it) to foster team conversation and preparation for the upcoming future.