Reactions is a great activity for time management and prioritisation. It is typically used for focusing the conversation on fewer items with highest number of reactions.

Running the activity:

  1. Explain the reactions (for example: heart <3, happy face :-), sad face :-(, etc.)
  2. Ask the participants to add the reactions to the notes
  3. Acknowledgment and group conversation for the notes with more reactions (the conversation should start by acknowledging the reaction, for example: we see lots hearts and happy faces on this note, let’s talk more about it)

This activity promotes a different option for filtering, as it does provide a means for people to react to each item. It also brings a different perspective to the group dynamic, as it fosters a conversation about what is important to each person.

On many instances, the participants do not have time to verbally go over all the notes. Some people feel frustrated because they could not express how they felt about a specific note. This activity addresses such situations, allowing individuals to express their reactions to all notes.

Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use the tool of your preference. Reactions can either be icons that are placed next to the notes or text added to the notes (for example: heart <3, happy face , sad face , etc.)