Starfish is a great data gathering activity to foster the thinking around practices and the value the team get from it. It helps team members to understand each other perceived value on such practices.

The starfish divides the board into 5 areas:
  • Keep Doing – something the team is doing well and you recognize the value on it.
  • Less Of – something already being done; you see some value, but you rather reduce a little bit.
  • More Of – something already being done; and you believe will bring more value if done even more.
  • Stop Doing – something that is not bringing value, or even worse, it is getting on the way.
  • Start Doing – a new idea, or  something you have seen working before that you would like to bring to the table.
Below is a starfish canvas (copied from the original post by Pat Kua)
Here is an example from a small team Sprint retrospective. First the team wrote the notes (gray text box)
Then the team did talk about each note, and wrote down the action items (yellow text box).
Remote team’ advice: Click on the bottom below, share the URL with the retrospectives participants  and use your favorite remote communication tool.