Get ready to explore each other’s individual preferences and working styles on a deeper level. Through the ‘Team Insights Scale’ team-building activity, the team will have the opportunity to uncover their unique strengths, communication styles, and more. By the end of this activity, the team will have a better understanding of each team member, fostering a harmonious and productive working environment.


  1. Introduce the Criteria:
    • Begin by presenting the first criterion, such as “I’m my best when…” and the corresponding scale, ranging from “Early Bird” to “Night Owl.”
    • Explain that there will be other criteria as well, covering various aspects like feedback, meeting preferences, learning styles, and communication preferences.
  2. Distribute Post-It Notes:
    • Provide each team member with several Post-It notes and a pen.
    • Instruct participants to write their names on as many Post-It notes as there are criteria. For example, if there are five criteria, each participant should have five Post-It notes with their name.
  3. Ask participants to position their post-its on the Scale:
    • For each criterion, participants have to position the post-it with their name on the scale that best represents their preference or style for that particular criterion.
    • For example, if someone feels they are most productive as an early bird, they would place their Post-It note closer to “Early Bird” on the scale.
  4. Group conversation:
    • Encourage open discussions as everyone views the team positions on the scale.
    • Allow individuals to share briefly why they chose their particular spot on the scale for each criterion.
    • This conversation helps team members learn more about each other’s preferences and working styles.

As your team concludes the ‘Team Insights Scale’ team-building activity, they will get the opportunity to explore each other’s individual preferences and working styles on a deeper level. Throughout this experience, your team will gain valuable insights into each other’s unique strengths, communication styles, and more. Understanding these aspects will pave the way for better collaboration, effective communication, and mutual respect within your team.

Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.

I have learned this activity from my colleague Henrique Rezende.

Below are a few criteria examples:

  1. I’m my best when…
    • Early Bird
    • Night Owl
  2. Feedback Moment…
    • Give me feedback in the moment!
    • Schedule a feedback session with me
  3. Communication…
    • Ping me on Slack; I don’t mind being interrupted
    • Asynchronous communication: I prefer time to gather my thoughts before meeting
  4. Learning…
    • I want to dive deep into learning about a specific subject
    • I want to be broad and am interested in learning about topics outside my specific role
  5. Peer Support and Accountability…
    • Remind me when you need something from me
    • I’ve got it once you told me!
  6. Meeting Participation…
    • Invite me to meetings!
    • I’d rather be informed after
  7. Decision Making…
    • Quick and decisive: I prefer making decisions promptly
    • Thoughtful and deliberate: I take time to consider all options before deciding
  8. Creativity…
    • I thrive in brainstorming sessions and group discussions
    • I prefer independent thinking and generating ideas on my own
  9. Work Environment…
    • I am most productive in a bustling and energetic atmosphere
    • I prefer a quiet and focused environment to concentrate
  10. Task Management…
    • I love multitasking and juggling multiple tasks at once
    • I prefer to focus on one task at a time and complete it thoroughly
  11. Conflict Resolution…
    • I address conflicts head-on and prefer open communication
    • I seek mediation and prefer to resolve conflicts through a neutral party
  12. Project Planning…
    • I enjoy taking the lead and setting project timelines
    • I prefer to contribute to the planning process as part of a collaborative effort
  13. Risk-Taking…
    • I’m comfortable with taking risks and trying new approaches
    • I prefer a cautious approach and sticking to proven methods
  14. Leadership Style…
    • I thrive in leadership roles and enjoy guiding the team
    • I prefer to contribute as a supportive team member without taking a leadership position
  15. Feedback Reception…
    • I appreciate direct and candid feedback, even if it’s critical
    • I prefer feedback to be delivered constructively and with a focus on strengths