The 4Ls is an excellent retrospective activity designed to explore recurring team dynamics over extended periods. This method organizes the discussion into four distinct areas: Liked (aspects the team enjoyed), Learned (insights and knowledge gained), Lacked (areas needing improvement observed during the period), and Longed For (desires or aspirations for future endeavors). The activity captures a broad spectrum of team experiences and fosters reflective and forward-thinking discussions, making it ideal for ongoing team development.

Running the activity:

1.   Split the canvas in4 areas:
  • Liked: What aspects of our work did you really enjoy?
  • Learned: What insights have you gained recently?
  • Lacked: What areas do you think the team could improve?
  • Longed For: What changes or additions do you hope for in our team dynamic?
2.   Ask the participants to individually write notes on post-it for each of the L areas.
3.   Group conversation about the notes


This activity was created and blogged by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener. Please read the original post here.


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.

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