The Catapult activity is great for planning and preparing for an upcoming challenge. With a simple metaphor, this activity guides the participants to look at the challenge from three perspectives: the person facing the challenge, the challenge itself, and the organization people engage in to overcome the challenge.


Running the activity

  1. Draw the catapult, with the person flying and the mountain ahead.
  2. Ask the participants to write notes for each of the three areas
    • The catapult: notes related to the organization preparing people to overcome the challenge,
    • Person flying: notes related to the person facing the challenge
    • The mountain: the challenge itself.
  3. Conversation about the notes. Consider guiding the conversation by connecting related notes from the three areas.

Note on the photo above the nirvana or magic land behind the mountain (colored post its on the right of the picture) . The catapult activity builds up on the assumption that people are trying to reach the magic place, the nirvana. If the nirvana is not clear, please consider running an activity for defining it (such as Defining Nirvana) .

This activity was created by Bill Kimmel when preparing for a workshop. Bill changed another futurospective activity, creating this new and effective metaphor. He even thought about an awesome opening bang for the Catapult activity by playing a youtube video about a person being catapulted.