Roles We Play is a team-building activity to trigger a conversation about all the roles we play in our lives. It is especially useful for a diverse group of people that starts working together. Typically, the group’ bonding will increase once they get to know the many roles each one plays aside their current job description.

Running the activity:

  1. Read Wayne Dyer’s quote:
    “Your life is like a play with several acts. Some of the characters who enter have short roles to play, others, much larger. Some are villains and others are good guys. But all of them are necessary; otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the play. Embrace them all, and move on to the next act.”
  2. Draw the week schedule, including slots for before work, work hours, after work, and weekends and holidays.
  3. Ask participants to write each role they play on a different sticky note (with their initials on it) and place them in the most appropriate slot on the week schedule.
  4. Affinity grouping by common roles (e.g.: pet owner, dog owner, cat daddy).
  5. Group conversation about all the roles played by all participants.

Typically, many notes (sticky notes) will be placed on the week schedule and people will openly talk about many roles they play. A good way to close the meeting is by saying a few words such as:

“As we all can see on the board, there are many roles we play. I am sure you learned something new about each person in this room. For instance, next time you say good morning to Bob you can ask him about his early-morning yoga.”


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.

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