The Story of a Story targets process improvement by analyzing an item’s execution path (its story). We have used this activity for analyzing User Stories execution path. Please replace the the second word “story” for whatever makes sense in your context  (e.g. project, team, feature request, bug ticket, order item).

Running the activity:

  1. Select a sample item, describe it, and write it down on the top left corner of the canvas.
  2. Write down the major events on its execution path (e.g. from inception to completion).
  3. Write down the good things to repeat.
  4. Write down the things to avoid, to be cautious about or consider changing.
  5. Discuss with the group and write down action items.

This activity has a different structure from others. It focuses on one item and everything that happened to it. It pushes the team to reflect about concrete facts that happened and how they affected the outcome of a specific item.


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.