“The 3 Sights” is a powerful tool designed to help teams to express their immediate challenges, successful strategies, and future plans. This activity foster conversations about immediate considerations with long-term strategic planning.

Step by Step

  1. Explain the Three Sights and the Activity’s Intent: As detailed in Wendy Born’s “Raising Leaders” (2020), the concepts of plain sight, insight, and foresight are pivotal for leaders. Let’s leverage these concepts to anchor our dialogue.
  2. Set Up the Board: Define the three “Sight” sections with the followign questions and explanation:
    Plain Sight: What hurts? Identify what is currently challenging or ‘hurting’ the team.
    Insight: What works? Reflect on what is working well and the insights.
    Foresight: What next? Consider the future steps—what should be done next?
  3. Participants’ Input: Prompt participants to place their notes into the relevant sections of the board.
  4. Combine and Discuss: Group similar thoughts, and foster discussions to delve into both similarities and differences. This process should lead to collective, informed decisions.

By integrating “The 3 Sights” into team sessions, leaders can stimulate comprehensive discussions about past experiences, current states, and prospective developments. Its straightforward nature encourages collaborative discussions about practical strategic steps.

Inspired by the book “Raising Leaders” (2020) by Wendy Born, this activity explores the concepts of plain sight, insight, and foresight in the context of leadership meetings and workshops.


Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.


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