Timeline is a great retrospective activity to get the team retrospecting on events on a timeframe.
This timeline activity is driven by feelings
Running this activity:
  1. Draw the timeline
  2. Write a few events on the timeline (e.g. release started, high severity bug found in production, new person joined the team, a holiday)
  3. Draw a happy face on the top, and a sad face on the bottom
  4. Decide upon the post-it colors (e.g. green for notes on people, blue for notes on process, brown for notes on requirements, and purple for notes on technology)
  5. Ask the participants to share their notes:

Please write down your notes using a post-it color (according to step 4), place the post it on the timeline canvas with relative horizontal position to the identified timeline events (as per step 2) and relative vertical position to how your felt about it (from super happy to really sad, as per step 3).

Below is a sample empty canvas for this activity.
And below is the result of a distributed retrospective using this activity.