Untangle yourselves is a great energizer to get people moving. It has a very interesting message on finding your way out of a tangled situation.

Running the activity

  1. Ask the group to form a circle
  2. Ask everyone put their hands up
  3. Give the tangling instructions
  4. Ask the group to untangle themselves without letting the hands go, and try to form a circle


The the tangling instructions

With your right hand, grab someone’s left hand
With your left hand, grab someone’s right hand
You cannot grab the hands of people next to you.


each group forms a circle


holding hands (and getting tangled)



The group will jump hands, switch around and find a way out, either forming one or more circles. Sometimes, it is not possible to untangle. At such scenario, ask the group to select one person to be removed. Hands that
become free should reconnect to the person remaining on the tangled group.

Group size: larger than 6 people, up to any number. For very large groups, break into smaller groups of approximately 12 people.

Timing: 3-5 minutes