The ‘Well, Not so well and New ideas’ is a retrospective activity commonly used to bring conversations about the positive notes, the improvements and suggestions.

Step by step

1. Split the canvas into three areas:

  • Well – things that went well, that moves us forward, helps us get better. We want to repeat these!
  • Not so well – things that went wrong, that needs improvement, holds us back. We want to eliminate or avoid these!
  • New ideas – things that we should consider trying, suggestions, new ideas.

2. Ask the participants to add notes to each of the three areas
3. Conversations and action items

This is a very common retrospective activity. It is direct and straight to the point: What went well? Not so well? Do you have any new idea? It is definitely a great option for teams getting used to retrospectives.

Remote team’ advice: Click on the bottom below, share the URL with the retrospectives participants and use your favorite remote communication tool.