Your North is an amazing energizer to get some good laughs and to instigate a conversation about the group re-alignment.


Running the activity:

  1. Ask everyone to stand up (leaving space between people; at least two arms length)
  2. Show people where is the North (point it out)
  3. Instruct people to cover their eyes with the left hand
  4. Ask people to slowly spin
    around  (5 times)
  5. Ask everyone to straighten their right arm and point towards North, without uncovering their eyes.
  6. Instruct everyone to uncover their eyes and compare their North with everyone else’s North (typically, people will be pointing in different directions).


I learned this activity from José Cipriano. I find this activity very useful to energize and prepare the participants to some activity or conversation about direction and alignment.


Remote-team advice (with video-conference on): Ask people to make some room so that they can  rotate. Then, ask everyone to point to the camera. The camera is the North (on step 2).