Carlos: Zip Mauricio
Mauricio: Zip Thiago
Thiago: Zoom Rodrigo


The team makes a circle.
Each person close their hands with pointing index fingers (photo above).
The commands:
  • Zip – keep moving in the same direction. The receiver can use Zip, Zao, or Zoom.
  • Zap – Change the direction. The receiver can use Zip, Zao, or Zoom.
  • Zoom –  Jump to anyone on the circle; the receiver will decide the direction (starting with a Zip command). Zap is not allowed when receiving a Zoom. Three consecutive Zoom commands is not allowed.


The action is a combination of a verbal command with the hands movement (pointing towards the receiver).


The verbal command is composed by Zip, Zap or Zoom, followed by the receiver’s name.

Remote team advise: Share the following remote board with the participants, then ask everyone to enter their name and hit “Enter”. Instead of moving in a circle, follow the order from the top to the bottom (after the last name at the bottom, go back to the top).