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Do you accept guest post on

We do not have guest post on . All activities posted here have been used by us (quite a few times) with great results.

We like simple activities. In case you have a simple and effective retrospective activity to recommend, please email it to us. But please be aware that we will only add to the site if we use it a few times with great results. We will indicate on the post who has shared the activity with us.

If you have a great retrospective related content, please post it somewhere (your blog, medium, LinkedIn, etc) and share the link with us. If we can learn an activity from it and we add to the site, we will link it back to your original post.

Questions and Answers about the

How do I share my board with the team?

Once you have a board/agenda created, copy the URL on your browser’s address bar and send it through your usual communication channel (i.e. Slack). There is no need for email invitations, anybody with the link can join.

How do I save the board as a PDF?

As of now you can export it to PDF by clicking the cloud button at the right corner of each board.

It uses the browser’s print functionality where you usually find a “Save to PDF” option. We recommend using Google Chrome for the Desktop to do this, but it might also work in other browsers. Having the PDF file, you can send it through e-mail or any file sharing tool you like.

Where is this data stored and how long?

We use Google Firebase service for data storage with servers hosted in the US. Data is stored for indeterminate time as of now. But once you delete a note from your board, it is permanently removed from the database.

Who can access it in addition to the people that I share the link with?

As we currently don’t track user logins, the data is publicly available for anyone with the link. But the link is generated via a random large string of characters, and it is not made discoverable through search. The links never repeat itself.

What do you do with the data collected during the retros?

We don’t collect user specific data or metadata, we only store the data inputed into the software by the users, so they can reach out to it in the future. We do not keep track of any retrospective board link. If a user wants to remove data from a board, he/she can either do it manually (deleting each note), or request us to purge all the data for a specific board (in this case, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “PURGE” and the board url in the mail content). We use Google Analytics for collecting usage metrics.

How do I edit my retro to change the check out part?

You can edit a check-out item in a check out board.
But once created a retro agenda you cannot change the check-out activity. If needed you would have to create a board only for the check-out.

Where can I find my Retrospectives without a group?

All retrospectives not linked to a group will be grouped together in the “My retrospectives without a group” section on the dashboard, and all retrospectives on this group are public, meaning that anyone with the retrospective link can access and interact with them.

What is the main benefit of organizing my retrospectives into Groups?

By creating a group, you have the ability to better manage your retrospectives by organizing them with a specific team’s group. All your groups will be listed in the “My groups” section on the dashboard. By default, all groups are created as public, allowing anyone with the group link to access and view all retrospectives and interact with them.
Is there a limitation of the number of retrospectives per group? The number of retrospectives that can be linked to a group has a limit according to your plan. Please check the options here.

Why should I make a group Private?

It depends on your needs for privacy and security.

Private groups provide the security of limiting the visibility of your group and its retrospectives only to members added to your group, ensuring the security of company data.

All retrospectives linked to a private group can only be viewed and interacted with by members of the group, ensuring the security of company data.

Is there a limitation of the number of members per group?

The number of members that can be added to a private group do have a limit according to your plan. Please check the options here.

What happens when I delete a group?

When deleting a group, all its retrospectives will be moved to the “My retrospectives without a group” section.

What happen to the retrospectives (in the group) if I delete the group?

When you delete a group, the retrospectives will be moved to the area of retrospectives without a group.

What happens when I delete a retrospective?

When deleting a retrospective, it will be permanently removed from the application, and the data cannot be recovered.

How to cancel my subscription for the FunRetro App?

  1. Go to your PayPal account.
  2. Find your automatic payments on the PayPal website: Go to Settings, click Payments, and select Automatic payments.
  3. Locate the FunRetro Logo (a green circle with an ‘F’ from Treinamentos e Editora Ltda.).
  4. Click on ‘Remove PayPal as a payment method.’

By following these steps, PayPal will no longer charge you for the FunRetro App, and the app will no longer retain any retrospective board data from your account.