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We don’t like remote meetings. There is immesurable value to human connection, therefore we prefer face to face interactions over remote ones. However, more and more we see a large amount of people using some sort of remote retrospective tool, given teams are getting more distributed by the day.

Many are the reasons to use an online retrospective board: Staying close to your kids, avoiding traffic jam, working from the beach, using a device reader, dealing with work visa issue, working from a distant country, going through a pandemic period, etc.

Therefore we invested time and effort on the FunRetrospective online board. As we started using the online board, we realized that it is also useful when everyone is in the same room. People can be all in the same place and still use it, the FunRetrospectives online board.

Here is a sample situation. The safety check is an anonymous activity to verify how safe people feel for participating in the retrospective. Typically we would ask everyone to use the same post-it color and same pen color to write a number from 1 (not safe at all) to 5 (super safe to talk about anything) in the post-it. We would collect it (using a bag or a hat) and the place on the board. The online board is faster and safer (no one can recognize a hand writing)!

So, we started using the online FunRetrospectives board even when we are running local retrospectives. Having said that, please keep it light and fun. Even if your team is distributed, plan it accordingly and have a fun retrospective.

>> Create the agenda for your remote retrospective now!