How to transform a group of people into an effective team? How to consolidate the learnings after each step and evolve with the project? How to keep the agile spirit alive in the team? Retrospectives help to improve communication, productivity and quality, besides promoting knowledge and experience sharing. This skill of learning and acting upon the problems is one of the secrets of successful agile teams.

However important, retrospectives are difficult. Get any group of people to talk about problems and improvements is not an easy task. How to create a safe environment where people can bring their real opinions? How to allow opposite ideas to be equally heard in a discussion? How to facilitate the retrospective in a way that it really leads to improvements? All of this makes the retrospective the agile ritual that benefits the most from having a facilitator.

A good retrospectives facilitator must know different activities. The Fun Retrospectives Workshop is designed to talk about and execute dozens of activities, besides discussing how to properly select a combination of activities for any given context.

At the workshop’s end, the participants will have learned:
  • Activities never seen before;
  • How to select a good activity for the beginning, middle and end of a retrospective;
  • How to combine different activities;
  • How can activities guide a retrospective outcome;
  • Techniques to increase engagement of participants;
  • How to get value and seek continue improvement every retrospective.

Below are a few photos from he first official training, in 2013. From 2020 onwards we have been giving the training remotely. You find more info here.

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