The activity Is – Is not – Does – Does not  helps to define a team. Sometimes, it’s easier to describe something by telling what this thing is not or does not. This activity seeks for explaining this way, asking specifically each positive and negative aspect about the team and what it is or what it does.

Activity’ step by step:

1. Divide a white canvas or flipchart in four areas (Is / Is not / Does / Does not).

2. Write the name of the team above the quadrants.

3. Ask to each participant to describe the team, on post-its and putting them on the correspondent areas.

4. Read and group the similar notes.

The team is…
The team is not…
The team does…
The team does not…

sample canvas (translating to English: is / is not / does / does not)

sample canvas (translating to English: is / is not / does / does not)

This activity helps to explain the team. Typically, after such activity the participants will have a more consensual view regarding what the team does as well as what the team doesn’t do. Strategic decisions can be clarified, such as this thing the team will never do, while that other one it still wouldn’t do.
I have learned this activity from Rafael Sabbagh, when he used it to define one of the roles of Scrum during one of his training. I adapted this activity to help define the team, and have got an excellent result with it.