The main course is the core of a meeting seeking continuous improvement. It is composed of one or more activities, and it is also the moment for the team to discuss their notes.

The main course activities are used to gather data, bring up feelings, talk about the positive stuff, recognize people, seek improvements. They drive the team to reflect about the given context, reinforce a shared vision and generate insights.

Teams that have retrospective as a recurring meeting will typically look for main course alternatives. By varying the activity, the team can look at different angles and perspectives, therefore generating new insights.

The main course is the moment for team members to feel heard. Despite of every single note being discussed in details, all of them are visible to the whole team. Each and every individual note is acknowledged.

Choose your main course wisely, having the moment, participants and purpose in mind. This is the main activity of your meeting, and most likely the information gathered and discussed will set the tone for continuous improvement.

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