This is a simple and fast activity to measure how participants feel about a session as they leave the room.

Running the activity

  1. Prepare a plate with cards of three colors: green, yellow and red
  2. Place a feedback box by the door.
  3. Ask each participant to pick a card and drop on the feedback box, as they leave the session, according to the color code:
  • Green – the session was great!
  • Yellow – the session was ok.
  • Red – the session was poor.
QCon Feedback

photo takes at QCon SP 2014


I have learned this activity on the QCon conferences. It is an effective and fast way to collect feedback from a large group of participants.

Below is a photo from a tablet implementation of such activity. I found this photo on the InfoQ article: Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon San Francisco 2012, on the opinions section: ” Jeff Gothelf@jboogie :This is how feedback is collected at #qconsf after each talk. Everyone taps on their way out. Super cool. “.


photo taken at QCon SF 2012