The CAPT is an interesting retrospective activity that relates data gathering to people’s anxiety and confidence levels.


Running the activity:

1. Draw a vertical axis with the following in each end (top, bottom)

  • Confident – I was confident about it (the higher the more confident I felt)
  • Apprehensive – I was apprehensive about it (the lower the more apprehensive I felt) tweak it a little bit

2. Draw a horizontal axis with the following in each end (left, right)

  • Tech – notes related to tools and technology
  • People –  notes related to people and their interactions

3. Ask the participants for their notes.

4. Affinity grouping and group conversation


Below is a sample result for this activity. Please note two colors of notes:

  • Light green – it´s being great 🙂
  • Orange – it´s been bad 🙁


This activity was created by Lourenço Piuma Soares, an awesome facilitator for all kinds of meetings. Lourenço is very active in the agile community, with great insights and participation on retrospectives.

Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Use a remote board of your choice.