Increment by one is a simple and fun energizer to get some good laughs. It has a subtle message on the need to align about basic rules.

Running the activity

  1. Ask the group to form a circle (if you are remote, make sure everyone has their mics open)
  2. Explain the activity: “I will start by saying the number ´1´, someone else has to say ´2´, then someone else says ´3´ and so on. We cannot combine the order of the people talking. If two people say the same number, we go back to starting in the number ´1´.
  3. Start by saying the number ´1´

Remote team advice: This is great to test the team communication. It helps to verify that  everyone is connected, attentive and with their mics on. This activity does not require an online board. It only requires a video conferencing or a voice conferencing tool. I have learned this fun activity from Emma Seiciu at a remote workshop.