“Spot the Movies” is a fun and straightforward energizer that tests people’s attention to detail and sparks conversations among movie enthusiasts.

spot the movies activity

Step by Step:

  1. Display the selected image and instruct participants to write down how many movies they can spot within one minute.
  2. Keep track of the time (one minute is recommended).
  3. Invite someone to share the movies they found in the image.
  4. Call upon another participant to share if they have identified additional movies.
  5. Continue calling on participants until no one else has discovered any more movies.
  6. Consider sharing the URL with the answers to the selected image for reference.

The ‘Spot the Movies’ activity leads to wonderful reminiscences of movies, good laughter, and serves as a quick icebreaker. I have learned this activity from my colleague Yohan Paez Maldonado.

Remote team advice: This is a great energizer to run remotely. There are two ways to facilitate it in a remote team setting. (1) Video Conferencing Option: Share the chosen image and ask participants to write their captions on the chat, and (2) Online Board: Share the image on the online board and ask participants to write their answers using virtual post-it notes.

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Please find below a few sites with great images for this energizer.