This site gives you a toolset with many ideas and activities. Those activities can be used by themselves. In many instances, however, we use them in the context of a team meeting. For example, the recurring Scrum retrospective is a meeting where a sequence of activities is applied.

Be it a Scrum retrospective meeting, a meeting about project risks or even a project kick-off meeting, we use and strongly suggest the following agenda structure. This agenda outlines the steps  that you will be taking to achieve your goal.

Agenda structure:

1. Setting the context

2. Prime Directive

3. Energizer – Optional

4. Check-in – Optional

5. Main course

6. Filtering

7. Next steps


Some of the activities are tagged. Feel free to explore the tag cloud to search for activities in a less structured way. For example: sequence tags activities sequence that worked well,  postmortem tags activities used on postmortem kind of meeting/retrospective, while recognition tags activities which foster recognition.