Find your pair is a really funny energizer to get everyone moving and laughing.

Running the activity

1. Count the number of participants (even number is required, so decide to include yourself or not based on it)
2. Divide the number for participants by two to decide how many animals will exist (say 20 participants, so there will exist 10 different animals)
3. For each animal, write its name on two post it
4. Distribute the post it to the participants asking them to not show it to anyone
5. Ask everyone to move around the room
6. Instruct everyone to cover their eyes with their hands, make the animal noise and try to find their pair

I have learned this activity from Bethlem Migot. I confess it took me a while to use it. But I decided to give it a try after watching it being used so many times, and people always enjoyed it. I would only recommend being cautions about culture differences and making sure the participants are already used to energizes.