The Isn’t that crazy energizer is amazing for getting people talking and collaboratively creating a story (usually a funny one). It fosters engagement and everyone participation while being very easy to deliver as it is done verbally.

Running the activity:

  1. Instruct the participants to form a circle
  2. Identify the order in wich the communication will flow (e.g. clockwise).
  3. One person starts by saying “isn’t that crazy?”
  4. The next person has to continue the story by adding 3 words
  5. Then the next and so forth until the story ends.
It can go like this:
“isn’t that crazy?
“That birds fly”
“But I know”
“a flying cat”
“That has superpowers”
“And laser eyes”
“Freezes mobile apps”
“but not ours”
“Because of kryptonite”
This is a really fun and simple activity. Another variation is to start with ˜Once upon a time”and ask each person to add four words.

Remote-team advice: This activity works well for remote teams. Start by saying “isn’t that crazy?”, then call another participant name.  The participant has to add to the story, then call another participant name. And so forth until the story ends.