This is a follow-up on the Plus Minus Voting activity. It creates a visual tool for the marked items according to its total score (from the lowest to the highest).

Running the activity

1. Create an axis as per the figure below (<- minus – zero – plus ->).

2. Ask the participants to place the marked post-its (from the Plus Minus activity) on the axis as per their total score (e.g., 4 + and 1 – have a score of 3).


3. Discuss with the group about the items.

Note that the items with + and – on it represent items in which the participants have different opinions.

I find this activity specially useful for cleaning up the canvas. The post-it with most votes are picked up and moved to a new place. By doing this, the participants are naturally filtering out the notes. Some colleagues have added an extra dimension (an Y axis) for counting the total number of votes (picture below).

Copy of most-likes-and-dislikes-Yaxis