My first job is a great energizer that gets everyone more familiar with each other, and usually foster some interesting conversations.

Running the activity:

  1. Give one post-it and a sharpie to each participant
  2. Ask each participant to write their first job (please ask then to use uppercase and good handwriting to keep it anonymous).
  3. Collect the notes using a hat (or a bag).
  4. Shake it and leave the hat on the center of the room.
  5. Ask one participant walk to the hat, collect a note, read the content out loudly and try guessing whose first job it is.


This is a great icebreaker because people share some interesting facts about themselves. This typically foster a great team building environment once people hear about each other interesting past experiences.


Remote-team advice: Open the FunRetrospectives remote board (button below) and follow similar steps (no need for a hat). Someone reads a note and guess who it is from. Then another note and another person until everyone has participated.


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