The following sequence was used by a team of 12 people seeking alignment and a few prioritized actionable items for a process improvement. The lessons learned and accomplishments were essential for brainstorming on the newly proposed solutions to overcome many problem areas.

template used

1. Context

Let´s improve our company onboarding process

2. Prime directive:

’Hope and confidence come from proper involvement and a willingness to predict the unpredictable. We will fully engage on this opportunity to unite around an inclusive vision, and join hands in constructing a shared future.’ – Paulo Caroli and TC Caetano

3. FLAP activity: Future direction, Lessons learned, Accomplishments and Problem areas

Adapted; the future directions area was removed.

4. The Catapult

Adapted; the problem area from the FLAP activity was reused as the mountain, and the catapult was the one extra area added to the canvas.

5. Value vs Effort (ROI)

The actionable ideas generated on the catapult activity were plotted on a graph value vs effort. The team chose to focus on the high value and low effort actions.