This sequence of activities worked really well for a team strategy meeting.

The context: A group of 8 people seeking some alignment and actions towards some loosely defined goal. The meeting took one hour and forty five minutes.

Agenda / sequence of activities:

1. Energizer – Back to back

A quick energizer with a good message on partnership: let´s find and rely on partners to get us towards our goal.

2. Setting the context

The team verbalized (and wrote on the board)  the context for the meeting

3. Defining the team vision

The team collectively created their team vision sentence.

4. Defining Nirvana

The team collectively created their definition of Nirvana.

5. Path to Nirvana

Individual post-its for actionable steps towards the Nirvana

6. The Who-What-When Steps To Action

Participants selected post-it from the Path to Nirvana canvas, and hten placed it on the Who-What-When table adding their names and due dates.


Please find below a few photos from the meeting.


agenda, context and team vision template (from left to right)


defining Nirvana


path to Nirvana


getting actions from the Path to Nirvana to the Who-What-When table


the who-what-when action items