“I went to the beach and took…” is a simple energizer to verify everyone´s attention. It is easy to explain, fast, simple and only requires verbal communication. There is no need to write or to read notes.

Running the activity

  1. Start by saying “I went to the beach and took…”
  2. Then say one thing you would take to the beach (e.g., “a chair”)
  3. Call someone else to continue the story.
  4. The person has to repeat the whole sentence, add “and” and one more thing (e.g., “I went to the beach and took a chair, and my sunglasses”)
  5. Go back to step 3 until everyone has participated in the story.


Remote team advice: This is great to test the team communication. It helps to verify that  everyone is connected, attentive and with their mics on. This activity does not require an online board. It only requires video conferencing or voice conferencing tool.